First SongOfTheWeek In Over Three Years! Jul31 MMV
Coward's Fury
performed & arranged: C.W. / song by Adam
(available as mp3 only)

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       CuckooGONEMAD                           BackBuck                                ToeGrippingDust    
C.W. w/processing(adam)                 UncleJoe n Billy LIVE                  adam & C.W. LIVE 

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        adam                                      c.w. & adam LIVE
For those who have no joy with realplayer
here as huge 128kbps mp3s

We'll be posting a SongOFTheWeek
Updated SundayNights
... whatever's in the studio that week
Maybe C.W. will play you a remanufactured folk song
or adam will bring you some new noise

maybe a campire pianoguitar jamboree

So, while you're patiently waiting for
your copy of 'Mercurochrome' to arrive
go see what we've seen...

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